Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 564 - Ottoman Oh Man

The kids climb around the house as much as they drive us up the walls. They have figured out that they can push objects together to create a make-shift staircase. They once made a staircase up to the dining room table with a plastic bucket, an Elmo doll, and my ass.

The other day, Emma and Andrew climbed on top of these ottomans in the living room. Andrew gave a gentle push to Emma which was hard enough to topple her over. Although the ottoman was only a few feet tall, you'd think from Emma's dramatic crying that she either fell off a cliff or her 401k fell off a cliff.

Crazy Grandma and Lazy Grandpa tried to console Emma. All of the attention towards Emma made Andrew feel left out. So what did he do? He coyly walked up to our entertainment cabinet and bumped his should against it. Not once, but twice. Then he walked up to Lazy Grandpa, pointed to his self-inflicted bump, and whined for comfort.

I found this story interesting in two ways. First of all, it shows that Andrew is interpreting situations and emotions in a more complicated way. I did not know that "attention whore" would be an emotion that would be exhibited so early on. Secondly, why did he go to Lazy Grandpa for help? All Lazy Grandpa did was change the television channel to Sesame Street and fall back asleep.

But Crazy Grandma disagreed with my interpretation of this event. She thought Andrew was showing sympathy and guilt for what he did. Andrew felt so terrible that he decided he would inflict pain upon himself. I have three words for Crazy Grandma's take on this incident: Kah. Ray. Zee!

I can only imagine what Crazy Grandma would think of other things Andrew might do in the future. What if Andrew flunks a test? Would Crazy Grandma think Andrew was just thinking of the entire class and sacrificed his grade in order to lower the curve? What if Andrew gets into a car accident? Would Crazy Grandma think Andrew wanted to make sure the air bags were in proper working condition? And what if Andrew gets into a fight? Would Crazy Grandma think Andrew just wanted to show that he's not a musical loving wimpy boy unlike his Dad?

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