Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 569 - Auntie Anne (Pretzel Maven) Visits!

Here's an entry from Auntie Anne (pretzel maven):

My stay at Casa de Hermano was pretty good. I hadn’t seen Emma or Andrew since Christmas, and--boy--they changed a lot! They drool less, eat more, and their poops are solid. Most interestingly, they are developing distinctive personalities. I noticed Emma is much more patient. For instance, when playing with a toy, she will fiddle with it until she figures it out. Andrew, on the other hand, will spend a few seconds, yell “BAH DADADA!!!!” throw it on the ground and run onto to next thing. Emma, typical of a girl, is more affectionate. She likes to hug and kiss. Andrew just sort of gives you a blank stare and head butts you.

But the biggest difference I noticed is Emma has a distinct interest in food. Even after a meal of rice, chicken, vegetables and fruit, she still has the appetite of Dom Deluise. If I ate something in front of her, she’d climb into my lap and say, “Momomomo, bah bah!” Which in baby talk means: “Excuse me, Auntie—give me some of that cereal right now or I will start crying and make you rue the day I was ever born.” Sometimes, I’d give her little pieces food if it was baby appropriate (Planter’s Nut Mix, honey, popcorn), but most of the time, she got denied. Even Pretzel Maven’s have to draw the line somewhere.

Since it was impossible to eat in front of her without being harassed by her chubby hands, I pretty much spent two weeks eating standing up in Scott’s baby proofed kitchen. Andrew, on the other hand, doesn’t share the same interest in food as his sister, which is why he still shops in the petite baby section, while Emma now has to shop at the Baby Big and Tall store.

It looks like Emma and Andrew are turning into two interesting kids. That is, if their dad’s cross-dressing habits and mother’s obsession Zac Efron doesn’t damage them too much. At least they have Crazy Grandma. Lazy Grandpa and Pretzel Maven to rely on. Pretzel Dogs for everyone!

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Not Bernard said...

The Pretzel Maven's entry references Dom DeLuise who passed away on 5/4. Just an (un)interesting fact to note.