Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 567 - Mini Emma

Upon opening up a new toy for the kids, guess what we found? True, we found rat droppings, but more importantly we found a little plastic doll that looks like Emma!

Look at that picture of the doll. Doesn't it look like Emma with those squinty eyes and chubby cheeks? I'm not too sure what those two silver things are in her hands, but I'm guessing that they are either coins or tins of chewing tobacco. Emma loves her Chattanooga Chew and Hello Kitty spittoon.

Lisa and I have named the doll Little Emma. If we ask Emma to go find Little Emma, she knows exactly who we are talking about. Initially, there was a little confusion because Emma would go to a midget farm looking for a girl named Emma. But that soon stopped after the midgets won a case against Emma in small claims court.

I wonder whether or not Emma realizes that Little Emma is suppose to be her. On one hand, I think she does. But on the other hand, it is a little freaky and weird if she does. There are times when Emma is playing time with Little Emma, and she is just hugging and kissing it. I find that a little strange, but I suppose all kids go through a time when they enjoy playing with themselves. Umm...yah...anyhoo...

Here are a few pictures of Emma with Little Emma!

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