Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 459 - Poll Results & New Poll

Two weeks ago, I asked how should I keep up with the blog during the holidays. Forty-two percent thought I should post every day like I have been for the past year. Thirty-one percent were a little more forgiving and would understand if I had to skip a day or two. And twenty-six percent thought I should post something every day even if it was just a picture or a video. As you can tell from the past week, I kept up the entries although some of them were just some terrible Nhat Anne Geddes photographs (Boy...what a waste of money that was!). Seeing that there are only a few days left of 2008, I think I will be able to keep up with the entries for the rest of the year. And if not, I would probably have to blame the expired egg nog that I just drank. My tummy don't feel so good now...


Since this is the last poll of 2008, I thought I should select a poll question that somehow reflects this blog over the past year. At first I thought I would ask which Crazy Grandma Ichikawa story was your favorite, but how do you select the best one when they're all equally crazy. My next choice was going to be what was the craziest blog entry of the year, but then it would be a Crazy Grandma Ichikawa story and, once again, they're all equally crazy.

So the question I finally came up with is this: What was your favorite part of the blog from the past year? And for personal reasons, I did not include as a choice any story that would further emasculate me.

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