Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 458 - Christmas (Not Really A) Break: Part 2

To quickly summarize where we last left off: cow manure, impaled kids, and white ass hairs. Wow. What kind of blog is this?

Around 10am on Christmas Day, we packed up the car once again and drove to Sacramento. It was a quick two hour drive, and when we arrived we fed the kids lunch and immediately opened our presents.

If there's one thing Crazy Grandma Ichikawa loves to do besides mangling the English language, it is guessing her presents. With every present she gets, she has to guess what it is. For instance, we gave Crazy Grandma a necklace this year. Her monologue went something like this:

Hmm. What dis? (shake shake) Hmm. I tink it kind of jewerlee. (shake shake) Hmm. Maybe earrings. (tear tear) Wait. Too big for earrings. (rip rip) Hey. Too much scott tape! Gimme scissor! (cut cut) Wow dis tough for old lady! Hahaha! Whee! (cut cut) Okay dere! Hey what dis? I KNOW! It must be necklace! I bet it necklace! (open open) Lot of boxes. Dis crazy all dese boxes! I poopy out! (open box) Yup! See! It necklace! I knew it! Pretty good huh! I good guesser! Gimme next present! Whee! Haha!

If anyone out there is in a drama class and is in desperate need for an audition piece, please feel free to use this piece of dialogue. Just don't come whining to me when you flunk the class.

My parents gave Lisa and my sister Anne (pretzel maven) these pairs of funky looking socks. One pair is blue, the other purple, and they're both ugly. Here they are:

Soon the socks became a running joke. We started taking pictures of everyone opening up their gifts with a pair of these ugly socks:

To top it off, we covered the kids' limbs with these socks. The kids looked like cross-bred mutated Muppets. Emma liked the socks, but Andrew seemed a bit horrified by the whole experience:

Everything else about Christmas was great, except for the fact that Grandma and Grandpa's house is not exactly 100% baby-proofed. Just like when we were at Grandma Ichinaga's house, the kids find their new environment absolutely fascinating. What we may see as ordinary items such as walking canes, prune juice, and large print Reader's Digests, the kids see swords, magical potions, and large print Reader's Digests.

For the most part, there isn't any thing inherently dangerous around the house, but there are just every day items that could be unsafe for fifteen month old kids. For instance, my mom has a small stack of magazines (i.e. elderly porn) in the corner of the living room. The kids started to stand on it and they would slip and slide as the magazines would fall down.

Lisa and I just end up telling the kids not to touch something for the majority of the day. "Don't touch the television screen!" "Don't touch the shoe rack!" "Don't touch the antique bear trap!"

We're not too sure how long we'll be here in Sacramento, but I'm sure as long as we're here there will be at least one last Crazy Grandma Ichikawa entry before the end of 2008.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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