Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 433 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I asked whether or not Auntie Anne should be allowed to babysit the kids by herself despite leaving scalding hot liquids in a variety of cups precariously balanced on furniture and animals. It looks like 81% of you would trust my sister to treat the third degree burns on the children as she babysits the kids. And the remainder of you think the kids are better off pushing the television on top of themselves in the "off-limits" zone. What kind of people are you?

I think my sister would do just fine babysitting the kids by herself. The kids are more comfortable around her, and she's more comfortable with them. Anne would just need to feel more comfortable changing diapers, preparing meals, and breast feeding the kids. It took me two months until I started to produce milk, but persistence pays off!


About four or five years ago I started to do these holiday newsletters for our Christmas cards. But these were more of a parody of the typical "what did we do this year" type of newsletters. Every year, the cards became a little more elaborate and intricate with the ongoing storyline. Basically the story I created was that we had twin girls, Zsa Zsa and Eva, and a younger brother, Rupert, who we did not care for at all. It was finally revealed in last year's newsletter that the whole thing was a sham. We bought two girls from China, and Rupert never existed except on paper. This was all to reap the financial rewards of tax-breaks amongst other things. But the whole facade fell apart when Lisa became pregnant and gave birth to Emma and Andrew. Our Chinese girls became jealous and turned us into the authorities. Overall, your traditional holiday newsletter.

This year I have a few brainstorms for our untraditional holiday cards, but I don't know if I have to time to pull it off this year. Should I just forget it and send out a bunch of holiday photos processed at Costco? Or should I continue this madness of holiday weirdness?

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maybe Bernard said...

I loved the yearly holiday saga! The 'H.O.' and 'W.H.O.R.E' stories were classics!