Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 439 - Booger Nights

Some how the kids caught a cold again. And not surprisingly, the entire Ichikawa family is a little sick again. I remember the first time the kids got sick, Lisa and I tried to keep the kids away from each other. That was easy enough since they couldn't move -- not because they were too young, but rather they were immobilized due to an unfortunate Sit n' Spin collision. Despite our best efforts, the entire family still got sick. So now when we find out one kid is sick, we don't even try to prevent the other one from catching it. Why? Runny boogers.

That's right. Look at those pictures. See their runny noses? Pretty disgusting. Now imagine that clear snot on every object in your house. If you think that Dateline crap with black light on hotel beds is disgusting, get Anne Curry in our living room and see our entire room light up like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

This past weekend, we went through several boxes of tissues to wipe up their nose diarrhea. Just like Del Taco aftermath, you can wipe and wipe, but it just never gets clean.

Before we put the kids down for a nap or the long sleep, we like to use a nasal syringe to get the snot out of their nose. Getting the boogies out becomes a well choreographed dance of boogers, syringing, and wiping. You first try to calm the kid on your lap. Then you tilt their head back, insert the syringe, and suck some snot out. When you pull out the syringe, a long trail of either clear or yellowish nose poop lays on top the kids' upper lip and cheek. If you don't act quickly with a tissue, the kid will take their hand and wipe that crap all over their face and anything else within a one foot radius. And you repeat this over and over again until no more snot comes out or your kids can no longer handle this nostril rape.

Lisa stayed home from school yesterday because she felt pretty bad, but I've been able to weather this sickness out. Thankfully, my parents were around to take care of the kids while Lisa stayed in bed. My mom even tried to make Lisa feel better by using the nasal syringe on her. But this just became an embarrassing moment because my mom was actually trying to clean out Lisa's nose with a douche kit. At yeast she was trying to help out.


Susan Tajii said...

When you try and suction their little noses, place them on your lap with one of their arms behind you and hold their other hand, using your free hand to suction. Have a kleenex positioned right there on their chest so that you can pick it up to wipe. Try this and let me know how it goes. - Auntie Susan

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with that. We have a manuever that may be illegal in some states. We sit on the floor, with baby's head between our legs, and arms under our legs. That way they can't move their head at all and they can kick without hurting us. Very effective hold, you can get all the gunk in one or two suctions. This should only be used on the most resistant child though. I love your descriptions, they are so accurate!