Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 1144 - Andrew's Ultimatum

It is interesting to observe the kids to see how they solve problems. If Emma can't reach something underneath the sofa, she knows if she uses a ruler she might be able to get it. If Andrew can't see something in the dark, he knows a flashlight might help. If they see a toy they want in a holiday catalog, they know to ask Mommy for Daddy's wallet.

A more interesting solution that Andrew has come up with is his daily problem with Emma. Every day, there comes a point at which the kids are fighting over a toy or disagreeing about something. It usually ends with something thrown or someone hit; one time, someone was thrown.

But our ingenious son has come up with a brilliant solution to this problem. Whenever he is upset with something Emma has done, all he says now is, "I'm gonna sit on you, Emma!"

And voila! Emma gives up! Problem solved!

Of course there are times when Andrew actually sits on Emma, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's focus on the ingenuity of Andrew's thought process.

If you really think about it, Andrew is displaying the discipline of civil disobedience. Take a look at Gandhi. Or better yet, the civil rights movement. What Andrew is demonstrating is the process of a sit-in: You have a protester (i.e. Andrew) sitting down at a specific, meaningful location (i.e. Emma's ass), and the protester refuses to leave unless forcibly removed by the authorities (i.e. parents) or until their demand is met (i.e. the return of a Lightning McQueen car). Brilliant idea, Andrew!

Or on the other hand, Andrew has been watching a bunch Happy Days reruns on Nick at Night and might have got the idea of sitting on Emma from Fonz's catch phrase, "Sit on it."

Let's just stick with the Gandhi theory...

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