Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 1131 - Poll Results & New Poll

When last we met, I asked what should be done about Emma's anal retentiveness with her bedsheets. Forty-five percent of you thought we should just fix it for Emma because it's just another phase. Twenty-seven percent suggested we just let Emma cry it out -- frostbite be damned. And oddly, more people suggested we velcro Emma to the bed before we try to take the bedsheets away.

What Lisa and I have ended up doing is fixing Emma's damn sheets. I say bullsheet on this, but it's ultimately easier for everyone. For awhile, we tried taking away the sheets and ignored her crying, but it just made Emma hysterical and made Andrew grumpy and hysterical too. Just imagine the aftermath of this the morning after. We do believe it's just a phase, and as soon as the kids are old enough to fix their bedsheets, we'll be back to normal again -- unless both kids lose the use of their opposable thumbs.


It's hard to believe that the kids are already three years old. And it's even harder to believe that my things-to-do list that I started three years ago still has not been completed (I really have to do the laundry soon!). So far it seems to me that this age is a pretty major transitory stage between baby and not baby. Naps to no naps. Diapers to no diapers. Milk to whiskey.

I'm not too sure what my earliest childhood memories are, but I vaguely recall some moments when I used to live in San Francisco. When I was around four years old, we moved from San Francisco to Sacramento, so I know these fuzzy visions were when I was four years old or younger. This makes me realize that there is the possibility that Emma and Andrew might have some everlasting memories of childhood from this moment on. So to make sure I don't scar the kids, my first step towards creating pleasant memories is to always wear pants around the house.

So what do you think? From your earliest childhood memories, how old do you think you were?

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