Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 1125 - Conversations with Emma & Andrew

Emma and Andrew not only are playing together more, but they also enjoy the idea of pretending. They pretend they cook, they pretend they go shopping, and they pretend they have a different father that does not embarrass them so much.

Another thing they like to pretend is playing doctor and patient. Andrew was the doctor, and Emma was the patient in this exchange.

"Okay, Emma," said Doctor Andrew. "You need a shot."

"Okay," said Emma.

Andrew gave Emma shot.

"Can I have a bandaid?" asked Emma.

"No," said Doctor Andrew. "You need another shot."

Andrew gave Emma another shot.

"Can I have a band-aid now?" pleaded Emma.

"No! No band-aid," retorted Doctor Andrew. "Another shot!"

Andrew gave Emma yet another shot.

"Band-aid, please?" begged a drugged up Emma.


Emma began to become visibly upset by this doctor visit, so Lisa intervened and told Emma she would give her a pretend band-aid. But Andrew did not order the pretend band-aid so he removed the pretend band-aid off of Emma and gave her ANOTHER shot.

"Mommy. Can you give me a band-aid?" asked Emma.

"Of course," said Lisa as she placed another band-aid on Emma's arm.

"Nope! No band-aid," said Doctor Andrew as he removed the band-aid.

Finally, Emma got fed up with this game of doctor and patient. She stood up and yelled at Lisa, "I WANT A NEW DOCTOR!"

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