Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 1120 - Scraping By

I recently got some bad news when I went to the dentist. First, the dental hygienist told me she has seen better flossing done by thongs on a Miami beach. But more importantly, there were a couple of spots in my mouth where my gums have receded. It was recommended that I have deep cleaning done on the right side of my mouth.

From what I understand, deep cleaning is just a more intensive cleaning that gets underneath your gums more in order to get rid of all the tartar build up. So I made an appointment for the following week to start this anal (or is it oral) retentive cleaning process.

When I returned for my first deep cleaning session, I got a few novocaine shots which made the entire process a lot more comfortable. As I laid down in my squeaky, plastic covered chair, a revelation hit me: this was really relaxing!

This thought made me wonder if I was entering the world of masochism, but thankfully, I still don't know what the word "masochism" means. What delighted me was that I had a whole hour to myself. Sure, I had a woman using a pick to scrape underneath my gums, but when you have kids you take what you can get.

After the hygienist completed the bottom right side of my mouth, she told me I would have to make another appointment to clean the upper right. I told her I would be more than happy to do that because these cleaning sessions were like relaxing getaway vacations for me. As she used the plastic napkin to wipe blood away from my mouth, she looked at me with a quizzical look and called me a masochist.

I really should find a dictionary, huh?

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