Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 1127 - Potty Update

Although both kids are improving with their potty training, Emma has taken the slight lead on the potty chart. Ever since we started giving the kids fruit gummies as a potty reward, Emma has become much better at telling us when she has to go pee or poop. If this food incentive works, I may have to upgrade the reward to a baked ham or some cheese fondue.

Andrew is a little behind on the chart because he does not tell us when he needs to pee. He has been pretty good about telling us when he's making a frothy poopiccino in his pants, but we are encouraging him to do the same for his pee.

Emma also likes to count how many happy face stamps she needs to get to the next reward. She currently received stickers and a book, and the next reward is a balloon. Andrew received stickers, but needs a few more stamps to get a book.

The other day, the kids were looking at their potty chart. Emma was counting her happy face stamps, and then she started to count Andrew's happy face stamps. She told Andrew that she already got her book reward, but he still needed more stamps.

And to rub it in a little more, Emma counted how many stamps Andrew needed and literally said to him, "Hey Monkeyboy! You still need two more!"

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