Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 959 - Dreaded Words

Lisa was going through a normal day with the kids which consists of dumping a box of cereal in a bucket, leaving the television on cartoons for eight hours, and drinking a bottle of vodka. But the end of the day revealed a surprise.

After giving the kids a bath, Lisa was putting on their pajamas. As she was pulling Andrew's pants on, she heard Emma say these words in the corner of the room, "I don't care for you, Mommy."

Before we go on any further, let me answer your first question: No, Emma did not say anything about not caring for me so I am still beloved by my daughter. Let's carry on...

There was nothing that provoked Emma to say these words. Lisa wasn't angry at Emma, Emma wasn't in a bad mood, and Andrew wasn't holding up cue cards. Even the tone in Emma's voice was light and conversational. Instead of saying something hurtful, she very well could've been saying, "I love puppies and gave CPR to a nun."

I think since there didn't seem to be any malice or intent with Emma's words, Lisa just shrugged it off and marked it down as one of those weird things that kids say for no reason. Although if I was Lisa, what I would question is when Emma said, "I don't care for you, Mommy," did that mean what she really cares about is me, her modest father? Wow, Lisa. You're stronger than I thought!

Literally. She just hit me.

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