Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 950 - Before Mommy Was Hot

Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) has started another blog site with her friend. Her first site is still running strong and is a daily newsletter for young adult females: I Heart Daily. She also has a site that is getting unbelievably high traffic, but is attracting the wrong audience. It's all about her new pretzel concoction that she calls Pretzel Enhanced Nachos with Individual Servings. The website for that is

But her latest endeavor is called Before You Were Hot. The concept behind it is very simple. You submit an embarrassing picture of yourself from your youth with a short description, and then after the jump, you see a picture of your miraculous transformation. Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) asked me to submit a picture of myself, but I told her I couldn't do it because there still has not been a miraculous transformation.

As for Lisa, she submitted a hilarious picture of herself from high school. Here it is as well as her own description:

"This is my ninth grade school photo. Notice the tinted eye wear and Duran Duran pins on my lapels. I loved Roger Taylor and John Taylor equally. Not only can I quote their music, but I can also quote their interviews! Don't ask about my hair -- I'm not quite sure what was going on there with the mullet." --Lisa

Lazy Grandpa was looking at the website on the computer with Emma and Andrew on his lap. When he scrolled down to Lisa's photo, he couldn't believe what he saw. He cracked up at Lisa's magenta tinted fashion sense, but Emma and Andrew were a little confused. They thought that might be their mother, but they also thought it might've been Linda Hunt from The Year of Living Dangerously.

Lazy Grandpa could see the confusion in their eyes, so he decided to explain to them that they were looking at a picture of their mommy when she was young.

"See this picture?" said Lazy Grandpa. "That's Mommy!"

Andrew stared at the photo, turned towards Lazy Grandpa, and countered, "That's crazy!"

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