Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 956 - Random Thoughts

It is surreal to us that we can have simple conversations with the kids. We can talk about their toys, what food they want to eat, and whether or not BP is doing all they can do to stop the oil leak (BTW, the kids don't think BP is doing that great a job.).

But what's even better than these conversations is how random their spoken thoughts can be. Most of the time there's logic to their thoughts. If we're eating dinner, they might say something like, "Mommy burn chicken." But there are other times when their words might make no contextual sense at all. For instance, we might be playing with a puzzle and one of them might say, "My diaper has arms."

Best of all is when they say something cute and endearing without any provocation. Today, we returned home from a visit to the bookstore. As the elevator doors closed, Emma said, "Oh, Mommy. I love you so much."

Andrew followed right behind and said, "Me too, Mommy."

Ain't that cute? And I thought to myself how cute and heartwarming it would be to hear them say the same thing about their wonderful Daddy. So I waited. And waited.

We were soon going to reach our floor, so I cleared my throat. The kids looked at me. I gave them a big smile and said, "Hey, guys! How about Daddy?"

The kids looked confused.

"You know," I hinted to them. "Both of you said how much you love your mommy. How about me?"

Emma took a few steps up to me, held my hand, and said, "Daddy. You're the poo-poo!"

"Daddy is poo-poo!" screamed Andrew.

As we got out of the elevator, everyone had tears in their eyes. Lisa and the kids had tears of laughter, and I had tears of humiliation due to my newly developed feces-complex.

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