Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 937 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I asked what we should do about Emma's fear of flies. Interestingly, fifty-seven percent of you suggested that Emma watch The Exorcist to show her how silly her fear of flies is. Nothing like a possessed teenage girl with a bad case of acne and a tendency for projectile vomit to ease a toddler's fear of tiny insects. And with twenty-eight percent of the votes, the increasingly unpopular parental practice of support and comfort came in second. Who needs love when you have a rated R movie to teach you life lessons?

Over the past week or so, Emma would continue to cry if she thought she saw a fly outside. So what I decided to do is to show her that the fly would not hurt her. As she sat in her high chair, I opened the patio door and walked outside. I pretended to shoo all of the flies away and explained to Emma that the flies were gone and they didn't hurt me at all. Emma smiled and seemed satisfied with that explanation. I think what Emma learned from this is that she can be just as brave as her dad since everyone knows I'm at heart an extremely wimpy and emasculated person.


When did our house become a playground? The sofa is a moon bounce, the bookshelf is a rock wall, and the bidet is a water fountain. The kids are having a great time being able to explore new and higher places, but it's making us nervous. We could turn our heads for five seconds, and Andrew is on top of the desk. We could turn our heads for five minutes, and Emma moved the sofa into the bathroom.

We're obviously taking steps to make sure dangerous objects (i.e. scissors, letter openers, ninja stars) are out of reach. But I also feel there is a certain line in regards to how much we can and should do. Crazy Grandma is going crazy and dumping all of our items on the shelves into boxes, but I think the more important thing to do is to discourage the kids from climbing on our furniture.

What do you think? Should we rearrange all of our furniture or should we just pack the kids into boxes?

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