Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 951 - Poll Results & New Poll

Long, long ago in a blog poll far, far away...I asked how we can prevent our children from climbing our furniture. Eighty percent said that we just need to make things as safe as possible and discipline the kids when they do climb. The remaining votes were divided evenly between there is no hope and electrified furniture could be a wise investment.

I think Lisa and I have to get used to the fact that kids will be kids, and they are entering a stage in their development in which they are curious about everything and curiously ignore all of our warnings and demands. Overall, our house is pretty safe, and there is only so much you can do before you have to move your guillotine collection into a Public Storage facility. At this point in our lives, a day is good when nothing is bruised or broken. Especially my beloved television set...


About a week or so ago, we were given notice that the owners of our condo unit want to sell. Not only does this explain the sleepless nights I have been having, but it also explains why the blog has been lagging behind with new entries. Thankfully, our financial situation is okay so we are prepared to purchase instead of renting as long as we can find something we like.

But another option we have instead of moving is staying here at our condo. It's a rather large two bedroom and two bathroom unit, and it's plenty of space for the four of us. Yet there is still something appealing about moving to a three bedroom place just to have a little more room. The big nagging point for me right now is that it would be so difficult to move to a new place with two year old twins when our living situation is perfectly fine...except for the lack of space for my guillotine collection.

Taking into consideration the current housing market and economic conditions, what do you think would be a good idea to do? Buy the condo? Buy a different condo or townhouse? Buy a house? Rent?

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