Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 936 - Funny Boy

Last weekend, we took Crazy Grandma and Lazy Grandpa out to a fancy lunch: I told my parents they could order as many things as they wanted from the Dollar Menu. After complimenting the chef and not understanding what language he was speaking to us, we packed up our stuff and walked to the parking lot.

As we were saying our good-byes, Crazy Grandma noticed a yellow squiggle on her shoulder. A bird peed on her! Since Crazy Grandma is such a neat freak and health nut, she lost her mind. She hated the fact that a bird peed on because who knows what disease she might get from it. Perhaps the bird flu or worse a urinary tract infection!

The kids were confused by all of this pigeon pee drama. Emma kept on asking, "What happen to Gaga?" I told her that a bird went pee-pee on her, and Gaga was not happy.

Andrew didn't say a word and was just soaking in the situation. Eventually, he pointed at Crazy Grandma and said these words: Pee-Pee Gaga!

Except for Crazy Grandma, all of us (including the bird) started laughing at what Andrew said. This motivated him to say it again with more feeling, "PEE-PEE...Gaga!"

On the drive home, I began to think that Andrew actually made a joke. He knows that pee-pee is a funny word because it makes us laugh. He also knows Crazy Grandma is a walking, living punchline. So if you combine them together, you strike comic gold!

It's interesting to see the developing interaction between Emma and Andrew because he is definitely the one who tries to make the other one laugh. Whether it's a goofy face, a ridiculous sound, or a belly flop on the sofa, he enjoys making people laugh. I'd like to say that he gets it from me, but Lisa corrected me and explained that people just like to laugh at me.

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