Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 720 - 2nd Birthday Highlights

Another birthday, another migraine. Thankfully, this year's birthday was not as involved as the first birthday. I was able to convince Lisa to let the next few years slide a little bit before the kids actually make friends and we'll have to end up inviting an entire classroom. Conversely, maybe our kids will be hated by their classmates, nobody will come to their birthdays, and the money I save can be put towards something more useful like leather pants or a television cozy to keep the dust off the screen.

I thought I would just recap their birthday celebration with photo commentary. So here we go...

Our friends, Paul and Michelle, were kind enough to let us throw a little birthday party at their house again. As you can tell from the picture, it was a Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed party. It was hard to keep those ears on their heads, but there was no way I was going to use a staple gun...a nail gun worked much better.

The party wasn't a large bash. We just invited a handful of close friends and kids that our kids play with. I thought I'd post this picture to show that we actually have friends who aren't Asian -- see, there's a white woman sitting on the sofa! I don't know her name since I don't take the time to learn the names of white people, but nonetheless, look! A white woman friend!

Actually, the white woman is our friend, Nicole. Nicole made the cake for the kids. Notice the cute little Mickey and Minnie heads all over the cake. She actually took the time to slice the heads of live mice to get those perfectly shaped cake decorations. Thanks for the cake, Nicole!
And how much do we owe you for those lab rats?

One of the presents the kids received was a kitchen set. Although I did not see what was wrong with using shoe box lids as pans and used lobster cages as pretend ovens, Lisa did not agree. I do have the suspicion that Lisa had second thoughts about the kitchen set because she was trapped underneath the box in the picture.

Paul and Michelle know all about Emma's obsession with cleaning so they bought her a cleaning set. It came with a broom, mop, dust rags, and trial-sized samples of Pine-sol, Comet, and bleach. I thought it might've been dangerous to have the kids play with the cleaning samples, but later realized it was a good thing because once they tasted them, the hours of vomiting and diarrhea really put a stop to their curiosity.

I asked Crazy Grandma if she could translate this t-shirt for us, but all she said was that it looked like a birthday cake and a Rubik's Cube were about to have sex.

Emma was really excited to have a cupcake with a birthday candle. She's usually not this excitable, but I later found out that the candle was made out of rock cocaine.

Although Emma was unable to blow out the candle by herself, Andrew succeeded! You can see the smoke coming off of the candle after his successful blow. I have no idea whether Andrew made a wish, but if he wished for a gigantic poop after eating his cupcake...his wish came true.

And that was the end of another birthday for Emma and Andrew. It was nice that Crazy Grandma and Lazy Grandpa were able to visit us for the second birthday bash. Although the days and weeks seem to go on endlessly at times, a year passes and you don't know where the time went. Lisa and I think the kids are entering a stage in which the kids are going to be a lot more engaging and entertaining...for better or for worse. Hopefully, I can deal with the better and Lisa can deal with the worse. Wish me luck on that one, folks!

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