Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 713 - Shave and a Haircut...Too Bad

With the upcoming birthday weekend for the kids, I decided to get a haircut. I usually go about five weeks between cuts. The two telltale signs that I need a cut are: 1) My hair starts to cover my ears. 2) People start to confuse me with Lisa Ling.

As you can tell by the many photogenic pictures I've posted of myself, my hairstyle is fairly generic: parted off to the side with a slightly messy look. The messy look is to distract from my messy face. I don't have a regular barber at the barbershop I go to, but I've always received decent haircuts from all of the people I've seen...except this time.

One problem with glasses is that there are many details you're unable to see because you need to have your glasses off. For instance, I can never determine how my haircut looks like until after the fact when I'm able to put my glasses on. Another example is that I didn't realize until I wore my glasses in the shower that I actually have a vagina.

After this past haircut, when I put my glasses on I realized that the barber cut my bangs too short. I tried to fix it at home by shaving my eyebrows and penciling them higher on my forehead, but that just made things worse.

What I eventually realized is that when I had my hair combed straight down, I looked just like Andrew. Suffice it to say, Andrew is a lot more adorable and cute than his father, but what he lacks is his father's pure animal magnetism. Sadly, the animal I'm referring to is a naked mole rat, but magnetic nonetheless.

Here's a picture of father and son:

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