Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 717 - Conversations with Emma

Emma and Andrew are about to take a bath. They are sitting naked on top of their potty seats trying to leak or squeeze something out.

SCOTT: Do you have to go pee pee?

ANDREW: Naaaaaw.


SCOTT: Okay. Do you have to go poo poo?

ANDREW: Naaaaaw.

EMMA: An-doo go poo poo!

SCOTT: No. I don't think Andrew went poo poo.

EMMA: An-doo go poo poo!!

SCOTT: Look, Emma. There's no poo poo in the potty. Where would Andrew poop from?

EMMA: (Emma touches Andrew's penis) Dere!!!

Social Services arrives and takes Emma away for improper conduct and wee-wee molestation.

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