Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 638 - A Drinking Problem

Andrew may not have a gigantic verbal vocabulary, but he knows enough words to get him through the day. If he wants more food to eat, he'll say, "More." If he wants to play with his toy cars, he'll say, "Car." If he wants a kiss, he'll say, "Voulez vous couchez avec moi ce soir gitchi gitchi ya ya da da daaaah!"

Another word Andrew knows is "juice" although every time he says it, it sounds more like "jews." For Emma and Andrew's afternoon snack, we give them a sippy cup with ice, water, and a splash of apple juice. We've read some articles that say you really shouldn't give any juice at all, but Lisa and I have ignored that advice. We have actually ignored a lot of advice, but our kids are perfectly healthy and happy albeit they complain of toothaches, unexplained rashes, and the unusual tendency to vomit an odd assortment of insects and fabrics.

But once they drink their cup of juice that is all they get for the day. The rest of the day they drink water, milk, and a nightcap of coffee and kahlua. Today, Andrew drank up all of his juice right away and asked Lisa for more. Lisa explained to Andrew that he could have more water, but no more juice. Andrew did not want water because he asked for more "jeeeews." Lisa then explained to Andrew that we are Buddhist, although Daddy knows many Jews in the entertainment industry.

Andrew screamed for more juice, but Lisa did not cave in. Just like the way Lisa acts in bed with me, Lisa completely ignored Andrew. But soon there was quiet, and a whiny moan from Emma. Lisa looked around to see what was going on, and what did she find? She saw Emma sprawled on the floor whining away while Andrew was in the corner of the room with TWO sippy cups.

As you can see in the picture, Andrew started to drink from Emma's sippy cup because his cup was completely empty. What I find especially amusing is that Lisa said Andrew was actually trying to hide from her and Emma. He scooted in between the floor speaker and bookshelf and did not want to be seen.

But what is most educational to me regarding this behavior is that Andrew is terrible at hiding. Look at him. Andrew isn't even trying that hard to hide. He's in full view with both cups in his hands sucking away at his juice. If he ever decides to work for the CIA, I apologize in advance to the United States for my son's ineptitude.

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