Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 630 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I asked whether or not Lisa and I should be concerned about Andrew's speech development. Fifty-seven percent of you believed we should just keep an eye...err...ear on it and see what happens. And forty-two percent thought we shouldn't worry about it at all and soon enough he'll be talking about books, sports, and the civil unrest in Iran.

One of Lisa's student's parents is a speech therapist, so Lisa talked to her about Andrew. She told Lisa that twins and boys do tend to develop speech a little slower, but if they show normal development in other areas then a speech problem is less likely to occur. Lisa explained to the parent how I had speech therapy for years, and I had normal development. The parent answered, "I met your husband, and believe me, he's not normal."


Tomorrow, Crazy Grandma and Lazy Grandpa pack up their car and return to Sacramento. Although they will miss the kids, I think they miss their Northern California Indian casinos even more. My parents frequent these Indian casinos so much, they are on a first name basis with Tribal Chief Dances With Dice and Clan Mother Always Bet on Black.

After my current job ends in August, we plan to take a Northern California trip and visit Lisa's family in the Bay Area and my family in Sacramento; we may even bring the kids. I am sure the kids will see Crazy Grandma and Lazy Grandpa on the computer with our webcams, but I wonder how much they understand that they won't be able to see them for a few months. The kids are 21 months now and seem to understand quite a bit. What do you think? Will the kids miss Crazy Grandma and Lazy Grandpa?

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