Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 616 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week I asked whether or not it would be a good idea to enroll the kids in a summer class although Lisa would have to do it alone. Fifty-six percent of you thought we should enroll the kids in a class, and there will be other people there to help Lisa out (i.e. the eighteen year old teenager who has never changed a diaper in her life). Twenty-five percent thought a better idea would be to drop the kids off in Sacramento with Crazy and Lazy for an eight week summer retreat. I'm sure Crazy Grandma Ichikawa would come up with a bunch of fun activities for the kids like Q-Tip Faucet Cleaning, Dusting for Bunnies, and How to Talk Without the Letter 'R'.

We haven't really done much research into summer classes for the kids yet, but I know there are certain places that will give a small discount for twins. Conversely, I also know there are places where you must have a guardian/supervisor/crazy grandma for each child. Perhaps the compromise we might do is find some classes that we can do on the weekends, and then Lisa can arrange play dates with other kids during the weekdays. And if nothing else works out, there's always the 8 week retreat in front of the television set.


Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) visited for a few days this past week. Crazy Grandma was prepping the kids for Auntie Anne's visit by showing them a photo of her and repeating, "Auntie Anne is coming!" I was prepping the kids for Auntie Anne's visit by showing them a photo of her and repeating, "Auntie Anne might spill scalding coffee on you again! Beware!!!"

When she finally arrived, the kids recognized her and started playing with her right away. It was nice to see them all play together: three Ichikawa's all with the same intelligence and level of maturity. As I was watching the three of them fight over building blocks, I wondered whether or not Auntie Anne might do something that would be unsafe for the kids (i.e. put a mug of coffee on the edge of a bookshelf). What do you think? Did Auntie Anne screw up or was she on good behavior?

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