Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 636 - Bite Me

As I've mentioned before, Andrew has occasionally bitten Emma. When he bites her, it's due to one of two reasons: 1) He is aggravated that she has a toy that he wants. 2) She has a dab of cake frosting on her arm that he wants to eat.

Lisa told me she has witnessed several more close calls, but with a twist this time. Practically every time, Emma is playing with a toy that Andrew wants. So Andrew will go up to Emma and try to take away the toy. If Emma fights back or Andrew is unable to take away the toy, this is when Andrew will go all "Twilight" on Emma's arm.

The twist is that while the two of them are struggling with the toy, Emma will put her arm next to Andrew's mouth taunting and tempting him to bite her. Look at how Emma is manipulating the situation; she truly is a woman! She knows that if she can only get Andrew to do a little nibble, he'll get in trouble and she'll get the toy all to herself. Either that or she's a masochist.

Over the past few weeks, Lisa and I have noticed a significant change in Emma's development. Not only is her vocabulary increasing, but she has become much more interactive with us and reacts to things at a higher comprehension level. Andrew has also been maturing both socially and intellectually, but he has always been about a month behind Emma with language. Also, he is a boy so he is not a natural manipulator like Emma. Shoot, I can't even get myself out of a corner with Lisa, and I have even been called "girlish" by my friends.

As we near the two year mark with the kids, I look forward to more moments like this with the kids. I can't wait to see how Emma will coerce me into buying her toys, letting her stay out late, and getting Maori tattoos all over her face. And as for Andrew, I can't wait to see him sitting on the sofa with me wondering how we got duped by Emma and Lisa again...and again...and again.

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