Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 614 - What's Your Point?

Although the kids very rarely take a second nap, we still put them in their cribs around 5pm for a little rest time. We'll tuck the kids in with a book, a toy, or a baby mammal of their choosing, and let them relax for about 15-30 minutes. This 15-30 minutes is the perfect amount of time for Lisa and I do to what consenting adults do when they have free time: sleep.

Today, the kids were very quiet during their rest time which made us think that they might've fallen asleep. But before you could say "Scott's on unemployment again," Emma started to scream. I rushed in to see what happened. All I saw was Emma standing in her crib pointing at the wall. I turned around expecting to see something horrifying like a burglar or Crazy Grandma Ichikawa with cold cream on her face, but the room looked completely normal.

As I approached Emma, she still cried with her index finger pointed out. This was quite perplexing to me. What was she trying to tell me? Did she hurt her finger? Did she imagine something on the wall? Was she doing a really bad E.T. impersonation (Her Lisa impersonation is still kickass!)?

I was right at the edge of Emma's crib and tried to comfort her. I patted her back and wiped away her tears. With her finger still out, she started to point at my face. Did she suddenly realize with terror that she is related to me? I bent down closer to Emma and held her finger when a strange smell hit my nose. Did she poop? I checked her diaper. Check. But that's not where the smell was coming from. This specific smell was coming from somewhere else...

...her finger.

There was poop on her finger. The finger that I was holding. Crap...

After cleaning diapers, butt, and fingers, I mentioned this to Crazy Grandma and she told me Emma did this once before. Emma is getting to the point where poop in her diaper will occasionally bother her and she'll check her diaper on her own. I'm not too sure how to explain this to Emma in terms that she will understand, but if you poop yourself...YOU DON'T HAVE TO TOUCH IT! BELIEVE ME! IT'S THERE! If poop comes out of your ass, I'm 100% sure it's in your pants.

I'll have to leave you on that note because I just checked my pants and my finger is wet. I think I might've peed myself.

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