Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 280 - Solid Food Disaster

When our pediatrician told us we could feed the kids solid foods, we figured we would start during the weekend. In our minds this was going to be a big step forward. Instead of spending so much time trying to spoon-feeding the kids, the kids would soon be able to feed themselves. And hopefully not too long after, they would be able to cook gourmet meals and do dishes.

Unfortunately, our hopes and dreams were flushed down the toilet. The kids hate solid foods. On Saturday, we tried feeding the kids little pebble-sized pieces of fresh peach. Here were the kid's reactions:

Too tart.

Too crappy.

We only got 2-3 pieces of peach in their mouths. Trying to get more than that in their mouths caused a lot of crying, swatting, and baby swearing (e.g. mamafafa). Although day 1 was a failure, we were not going to give up. We want our gourmet meals, dammit!

Today, we did our weekly outing to Target. While there, we decided to buy some stage 3 baby food. They had a variety of flavors such as spaghetti, pasta primavera, and fois gras. The consistency of the food leans towards the lumpy side, but is still smooth...much like my thighs.

So for dinner tonight, we decided to give the kids some pasta primavera. Andrew is a great eater because he always opens up his mouth wide; Emma eats well too, but she doesn't open as wide as Andrew. As we fed the kids their first spoonful of Italian cuisine, they both crinkled their noses and began to shout. The more we feed them, the angrier they became. Mamma mia!

Andrew started to shake his head back and forth every time the spoon approached his mouth. Emma didn't shake her head, but she pursed her lips when she wasn't crying and would swat the spoon away. Pureed pasta primavera was being slopped all over the place. We finally gave up feeding the kids once our dining room resembled an Olive Garden explosion.

This whole solid food introduction has been a disaster thus far. We're not too sure where to go from here, but we will probably try to see if the kids will enjoy eating other solid foods like bananas or avocados. And if for whatever reason the kids still don't take to solid foods, I will invite all of our blog readers over for a buffet-style dinner of pureed pasta primavera and spaghetti. BYOB (bring your own baby).

Here are a few pictures of the kids enjoying tonight's dinner:

Pasta prima-very sucky!

Poopy primavera!

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maureen said...

Pureed pasta primavera? Yikes... I think I would have swatted that away as well!

Don't they sell pureed tiramisu or chocolate creme brulee?