Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 268 - Poll Results & New Poll

With the avalanche of birthday parties we have been invited to I asked last week what sort of 1st birthday party Emma and Andrew should have. Half of you think we should just do a smallish party with family and a few friends. Twenty-five percent believe we should have strippers and weed which would be convenient since we just celebrated Grandma Ichikawa's birthday last month (plenty of leftovers, ya know). Both Lisa & I agree that we will probably have a little birthday party with family and a few friends. At first we were going to invite everyone we knew and pass out extravagant guest bags full of cash and gold bars, but thanks to you more level-headed blog readers you helped ground our ideas. Thanks a bunch, losers!

Regarding last Saturday's entry (Rub-a-Dub-Done!), since a few days have past we have a quick update about Andrew's fear of bath time: he still has it! Both Sunday and Monday night, Andrew has whimpered his way through his nightly bath. Lisa and I are hoping this fear is going to go away soon because we don't want Andrew smelling like Kim Kardashian's thong. We have several ideas on how to deal with this fear, but we're not exactly too sure which way is the best. I suggested to Lisa we strap the baby bath tub to Andrew's back like a turtle shell, but as usual Lisa thought my idea was asinine. To which I gave her my regular response, "You said 'ass'....heheheh." What do you suggest we do?

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Susan Tajii said...

Maybe try letting him play with the water, don't wash his hair or anything, just let him get used to the water. What we did in our house: Kerry would get into the regular bathtub and I would hand him either Kevin or Jamie, he would wash them, hand them back, then repeat with the other child. Worked for us, have you noticed how sweet smelling our kids are? - Auntie Susan