Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 267 - Happy Me Day!

Today I celebrated my first Father's Day! Well, at least my first official Father's Day -- in my book it doesn't count when you're single and drunk and accidentally impregnate your best friend's mother.

Today was a rather nice day. We went out to brunch with my parents to this place called More Than Waffles. Indeed the menu had more than waffles (i.e. omelettes, pancakes, lawn mowers, monkeys), but each of us had a combo platter with a light and crispy Belgian waffle. There was also live entertainment: a bearded man seated at a digital keyboard singing and playing his heart out to 70s and 80s songs. His ad highlighted that he also plays the guitar and accordion -- neither of which he played so I think it's a bunch of hooey.

Upon returning home from brunch, my dad and I opened our Father's Day gifts. We got my dad a portable hard drive for his laptop and a charging organizer for all of his electronic gadgets. My parents got me an 8-port usb hub for my laptop which is such an obvious gift for any father. And Lisa got me a matching shirt with the kids (see above picture), two framed pictures of my babies (although two framed pictures of Megan Fox's "babies" would've sufficed), and a video game for the Wii. Overall, it was a nice first Father's Day.

But what made it especially memorable is seen in the short video clip below. We were trying to take a picture of my dad with Emma and Andrew. My mom was trying to stay out of the photo so she was just trying to hold Emma up. But as you watch the video you can see what happens when a heavy baby is held up by a frail, elderly Japanese woman.

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