Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 277 - Napoleon Complex

If you are up-to-date with this blog, you know that when Andrew had his doctor's appointment this week he ended up on the lower end of the height and weight spectrum. As is often the case with little people, what they lack in stature, they overcompensate with a grandiose personality. Honestly, I disagree with this theory about small people. I think it's simpler than that: little people are more aggressive because they have small genitalia. Duh!

Ever since Andrew has been able to move, Emma's annoyance with Andrew has increased. Most of the time they get along well together and laugh at each other for whatever reason. But there are the times when Emma just wants Andrew to go away. This usually happens with Emma is contently playing with a toy. You see, when Emma plays with something, Andrew will crawl up to her, grab her toy, and crawl away. And since Emma can't crawl after him, she ends up just crying.

Today Lisa captured some pictures that shows how Andrew aggravates Emma:

"Would you like to play with this, Emma?"

"I don't THINK so, sucker!"

"HAHAHAHA! You thought I was going to give that to you! You're gullible like Mom!"

"'re crying. I'm sorry, Emma. Do you really want this?"

"THEN TAKE IT, YOU CRYBABY! You stress me out...I'm going out for a smoke."

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anne Ichikawa said...

Gee, a brother bullying his sister? Wonder where Andrew got that from...