Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 219 - Poll Results & New Poll

Today is the exciting conclusion to The Sit Off! Who will fall? Who will prevail? Seventy-seven percent of you believe little monkey Andrew is going to fall flat on his face. Let's watch and find out!

So there you have it! The nail-biting conclusion. Wasn't it all worth it?!? Nothing funnier than a baby landing flat on the floor (except maybe an elderly person in a walker falling down a flight of stairs)!

If you haven't heard already, I am in quite the bind. Now that my parents have moved into their apartment, we have been slowly getting the other bedroom ready for the kids. What I thought would be an easy move of wheeling the two cribs into the room has now become my nightmare. I measured the width of the cribs and the only way to get them into the bedroom is to take them...ALL APART! UGH! Do you know how hard it was to get the cribs together? Imagine putting an Ikea desk together...except you're blind, have no thumbs, and you're dead. Impossible!!!

The question I pose to you this week is how long should I procrastinate this move? Should I do it this weekend and get it over with? Or should I just take my sweet time and not rush into it?

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Anonymous said...

NOW, NOW, do it now, then you won't have to think about it. - Auntie Susan