Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 217 - Nothing But the Tooth

All this time we thought Andrew's teeth were going to pop out first because he has been so fussy and full of drool. So imagine our surprise when Emma's bottom tooth began to appear this week. More so, imagine how surprised Lisa's nipples were.

I was at work this week when my dad sent me an e-mail with the subject line "emma -- surprise." Being the ignorant and naive male, I thought Emma got her period. But my dad just informed me that they caught a glimpse of Emma's bottom tooth (...god I hope my mom wasn't breast feeding...).

When I returned home that night, I rushed to Emma and reached inside to feel that first tooth. Lisa informed me I had Emma upside down. After washing my hands, I correctly felt around Emma's mouth and touched her tooth. It's barely visible, but it's definitely there.

It took many tries to take a picture of Emma's tooth because whenever her mouth is opened she tends to stick out her tongue. After many attempts, I finally realized that the best way to get a picture of her mouth opened wide enough is to make her extremely uncomfortable and on the verge of crying. So please enjoy these few pictures because Lisa will never let me do this again.

After pinning Emma to the floor, I got this picture of Emma with her mouth opened. It's a little hard to see the tooth, so I enlarged the picture.

So there you go. One down, nineteen more baby teeth to go...followed by thirty two adult teeth...and possible wisdom teeth extractions. Or to be more specific with our family: one down, thirty nine more baby teeth, followed by sixty four adult teeth. Wow...I really miss my sleep. I want my Nana -- who by the way has no teeth (What the hell? All of these sleepless nights just to end up having no teeth again?).

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