Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dat 211 - Pack N Play N Paste

Ever since my parents started to babysit the kids during the weekdays, my mom commented how Andrew rolls all over the place.  This is true.  He does not have the ability to crawl or walk, but he has mastered the roll.  You can place him in the middle of the room and watch him roll to the other side.  I even put Andrew at the 405/101 interchange and he rolled all the way down to the Getty Center off ramp.

To help my parents out, I finally took the Pack N' Play out of the closet and assembled it.  On a side note, don't you think this product is misnamed?  If you take the name literally, you're packing this playpen up and then the kid's gonna play with it.  That's just plain stupid.  So shouldn't it really be called Play N' Pack as in "after you finish playing we're packing this sucker up."  I don't know.  These things annoy me.  Cauliflower also annoys me so maybe I should just calm down.

Towards the end of last week, my parents had the Pack N' Play at their disposal.  Grandma Ichikawa put Andrew in there for a little bit, but she said he just sat in there confused not knowing what to do (Maybe if it was called a Play N' Pack he would know what to do...).  There were a couple of toys in there for him to play with, but the grapevine tells me that he didn't know what to make out of this new baby confinement contraption.

But he wasn't the only one who didn't like the playpen:  Grandma Ichikawa didn't like it.  She told Lisa it looked like a prison.  I suppose it would look like a prison if prisons were made out of mesh and plastic and were only three feet high.  Grandma's solution to this baby prison problem was to paste things all over the inside and outside of the playpen.  She wanted to go to a fabric store, buy some brightly colored sheets, and glue them all over.  Needless to say, I don't think that's the greatest idea because the kids will probably pull all of the fabric off.

Crazy Grandma and her crazy ideas.  I guess the next time I see her I'll tell her not to glue things to the playpen.  And with that I'm going to finish hanging full-length mirrors over the cribs with yarn before I go to sleep.

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maureen said...

Maybe you should put Grandma Ichikawa inside the Pack N Play to keep her from getting out to the fabric store.