Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 218 - Food Fight

A few weeks ago my dad said Andrew is going to be a rascal.  I told my dad there's no way Andrew is going to be a rascal.  Then my mom said Andrew is going to be a rascal.  I told my mom the same thing.  Finally Lisa said Andrew is going to be a rascal.  I hit her.

Sadly, I think I have been in denial and everyone else was right.  What changed my mind about Andrew's demeanor?  It all struck me while I was feeding him dinner last night.

Typically, Andrew is a better eater than Emma.  I know, I know...big shock, right?  It's just that Andrew is better at keeping the food in his mouth while Emma tends to push the food out with her tongue.  Last night's dinner was a scrumptious bowl of formula flavored oatmeal and a smaller bowl of fresh pureed carrots (more about making fresh food in a future entry).  What small baby wouldn't love a dinner like this?

I put Andrew in his high chair and placed the two bowls on the tray.  The bowls have suction cup bottoms so they're difficult to pull off.  Safety first!  And so I began the process of feeding Andrew.

The darting of Andrew's eyes should've clued me in that he wasn't so interested in eating.  He began to stare at Emma eating.  I shoved a spoonful of oatmeal into his mouth.  He screamed.  I tried to get his attention by making some funny sounds.  He turned towards me.  Again I moved the spoon towards his mouth, but his hands began to move towards the bowl.  Andrew was trying to get his hands in the bowl.  I told him no -- for whatever good that might've been for.  The spoon moved towards Andrew's mouth again and his hands moved towards the bowl.

Smart me, I pulled the food tray as far away from Andrew as possible.  Andrew tried to grab the bowls and was unsuccessful.  One point Scott, diddly squat for Andrew.  Andrew made a grunting sound unhappy at the bowls being far away, but back went the spoon towards the mouth.  Andrew made a shriek and smacked the spoon away from him.  Oatmeal and pureed carrots hit his face, bib, and other parts of body.  I took a little wash cloth to wipe him down, but this made him shriek even more.

"Dude!" I pleaded.  "You've got to calm down!"

I'm not too sure why I used the word "dude" because it's really not a part of my every day lexicon.  Go figure, dude.  

After wiping him down, I tried to feed him again.  But somehow he was able to grab the carrot bowl.  Thankfully the bowl was suctioned to the tray so he couldn't get it off.  I grabbed his hand and held it.  But Andrew took his other hand and tried to grab the bowl.  I had the spoon in my other hand so I had to put it in the bowl.  Now I grabbed both his hands, but this proved rather stupid because now I had no way to feed him.  So I let go of one hand and then SMACK!  He used the spoon like a catapult and oatmeal flew into his face again.

"DUDE!  DUDE!  DUDE!  What are you doing?"

More shrieking followed more face wiping.  Finally, I decided I would put both of the bowl on the floor so he wouldn't be distracted by them.  Andrew looked a bit puzzled not know what to do with no bowls.  Two points Scott, zilch for Andrew!  At last I could feed him some food.

Getting a small dollop of oatmeal on the spoon was just enough distraction for me for Andrew to grab the wash cloth full of oatmeal and carrots.  He started flinging the wash cloth like a pom pom resulting in a slight drizzle of baby food.  Two points Scott, three points Andrew.  Andrew wins.

It is evident that Andrew has a determined curiosity about things.  Whether or not this will make him a rascal is yet to be proven, but you never know...oh hell.  Fine.  He's a rascal.  I don't know how common the term 'rascal' is used nowadays, but Andrew is one.  Dude, this sucks.

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