Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 213 - Seven Months Old

Can you believe seven months has past already? For perspective purposes, let's crunch some numbers:

Diapers changed: Over 2600
D batteries used: Over 170
Sofas ruined with urine and spit: 1
Parental sleepless nights: 7 months

I would have to say that in the past month or two it has become a little more interesting having the little kids around. What's interesting to me right now is that they're at the point where they recognize you. In the mornings, Emma might be quietly awake in her crib. And if she glimpses me passing by her crib she will immediately start to cry to get attention. So I gently tip toe to the edge of the crib and sweetly whisper, "Please don't be an attention whore."

With Andrew, I experimented a few weeks ago to see if he would smile at me if I didn't smile at him. After returning from work, instead of smiling at him I would just go up to him and blankly stare at him and say "...hi...andrew..." To my pleasant surprise he reciprocated with a gigantic grin that declared in great bold letters, "Dad. Just smile and don't be a jackass!"

Off the top of my head, there are several other changes that occurred over the past month:

-The kids are much better at sitting up as evidenced by yesterday's video post.
-They are pretty good at grabbing objects and switching them from hand to hand.
-They are becoming more vocally active with screeching and yelling.
-Andrew grew a mustache and Emma has a goatee. Seriously! Look...

I suppose the next big steps in development will be teething and crawling. And before you know it, Lisa and I will be losing our teeth, reverting to crawling, and crapping our pants. Ah, the lovely circle of life.

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