Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 205 - Poll Results and New Poll

Last week, I asked all of you cooks out there whether or not we should purchase the Beaba Babycook or just buy something a little simpler. Well you Infant Baby Food Network junkies voted and 38% believed we should get a mini food processor. Only 15% thought the Beaba Babycook would be a worthwhile investment. I end the discussion of the Beaba with a simple joke:


Who's there?


Beaba who?

See ya, wouldn't want to Beaba!

HAHAHAHA...HOOHOO...ha...fine. I said it was a simple joke, don't judge my love of puns.

For this week's poll, I was thinking about Lisa's breasts. For dessert this evening, I had a little muffin with a glass of milk. As I was pouring the milk, I started to ponder the fate of Lisa's ta-tas. Ever since she started back to work, she hasn't really had the time to breastfeed or pump as much. Yet she still takes the time to try to release the booby traps at least twice a day during the weekdays and on a more regular basis on the weekends. She definitely doesn't have enough nipple liquid for a full feeding so we always supplement with formula. In seven days, the kids will be seven months old. I ask all of you how much longer do you think Lisa should continue to pull at her two-eyed udder?

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Kerry said...

Well, since Lisa looks up to her older sister, just to set the record straight, I nursed Kevin for 10 months, only stopped because I found out I was pregnant again. With Jamie, I nursed her for 17 months! Only stopped because she bit me. Jamie never took a bottle, not even once. So, if you average the two, it comes out to around 13 months. - Auntie Susan