Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 1544 - It's Elementary School, My Dear Daddy

When the kids are awake, the only things we watch on television is Nick Jr., Disney Junior, PBS Kids, and Charlie Rose (the kids are really impressed with his interviewing skills).  But there was a recent occasion when I was caught up watching a live sporting event.  Yes, yes.  Despite the confusion over my sexual orientation, there are times when I do watch sports on television.  Or more specifically, I was watching a PBS rebroadcast of the Broadway show Damn Yankees.

It was time to put the kids to sleep, but I wanted to watch the game until the commercial break.  Andrew peeked through the stair banister waiting for me to come up stairs to tuck him into bed.

"Daddy!  Come up!" yelled Andrew.

"Just a second," I said.  "I'll be up in a few minutes."

"I'm going to bed!  Tuck me in!" Andrew demanded.

"Andrew, I will be upstairs as soon as this is over," I pleaded.

But Andrew did not care about my situation; he just wanted me to tell him a story in bed.  "You come up NOW!" he screamed.

I was losing my patience.  "Andrew.  Please let me finish watching this.  I can't tuck you in and watch this at the same time.  Just...WAIT!"

And then Andrew came up with the obvious solution.  He said, "Daddy...pause it."

I've networked entire production offices and set up multiple home theater systems, but my four year old son figured out that all I had to do was push pause on the Tivo remote.  I was so proud of my future geek son that the next day I let him upgrade the RAM in my laptop.

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