Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 1532 - Conversations with Emma & Andrew

This sunny Southern California afternoon, the kids were surprisingly playing well together.  Then again, what four year old wouldn't enjoy playing with a rusty potato peeler?  Who needs an iPad when you have a drawer full of old OXO kitchen gadgets?

Yet the playfulness stopped when Andrew realized there was a stank in the air.

"Emma!  Do you smell that?" exclaimed Andrew.

"No," Emma responded meekly.

"Something stinks!  It smell like poo-poo!" Andrew tries to use the word "poo-poo" as often as possible.

"I don't smell anything," Emma reiterated.

Andrew stood up and looked around like a drunk lemur.  For some reason, Andrew grabbed Emma's finger and took in a big whiff.

"Emma!  Your finger smells!" proclaimed Andrew with disgust.

Emma pulled away from Andrew.  How dare he state that her finger smells?  But just to make sure, Emma took a generous sniff of her finger, crinkled her nose, and nodded in agreement.

Emma looked at Andrew and said, "Mmm.  Just the way I like it."

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