Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 1541 - Conversations with Andrew

When I start a new job, I usually bring my laptop and iPad to work for the first week or two.  I do this because it makes for an easier transition to the office computer, and it also takes about seven to nine days to delete all of the pornography off my laptop hard drive so it is safe to use at home. 

Lisa is now picking up the kids from school every day.  When they returned home, Andrew had this conversation with Lisa.

"I want to play a game on the iPad," said Andrew.

"Sorry, Andrew.  Daddy took the iPad to work," answered Lisa.

"How 'bout the computer?" questioned Andrew.

"Daddy took that," Lisa replied.

"How 'bout the phone?" asked Andrew.

"Daddy has that, too," Lisa answered again.

And then Andrew threw up his arms in despair and yelled, "WHHHHHY?!?!?!?!"

Oh!  Like geeky father, like geeky son.

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