Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 1490 - Calling Mr. Furley!

There was a very awkward moment that happened in our bedroom.  Umm.  Let me rephrase.  There was a very awkward moment that happened in our bedroom that did not involve me with my clothes off.

The kids were finishing up their bath when our friend, Lisa Haskins, came over to visit.  Lisa is known to the kids as Lisahaskins (compound word) or Nee-Nee Girl.  You see, the Japanese baby word for bedtime is pronounced neh-neh.  But since our friend is white, she pronounces it nee-nee.  Ergo, Nee-Nee Girl.

After Andrew finished his bath, he bounded out of the bathroom naked and said, "It's Nee-Nee Girl!"  I don't know why it's still kinda cute and endearing to see little kids run around naked at home when it is just plain depressing and ugly when I do it.  At least that's what the wifey says...

Nekkid Andrew started blabbing off to Nee-Nee Girl about some random stuff, and then he said something that took us all aback.  He said to Nee-Nee Girl, "I want to show you how big I am!"  Here comes the Mr. Furley look...

We were all afraid what was going to happen next.  Nee-Nee Girl just looked at me in shock and pleaded for help with her eyes.  I asked Andrew to repeat what he just said, and he said once again while scratching his balls, "I want to show Nee-Nee Girl how big I am!"

Andrew took Nee-Nee Girl's hand and started to pull her into his bedroom.  I was interested to see where this was leading, although I was ready to stop the proceedings if it ended up like a tragic ABC Afterschool special.

But butt-naked Andrew did not take Nee-Nee Girl into the bedroom.  He stopped in the hallway and pointed to his growth chart.  "Look!  Look how big I am!" he said as he showed her how tall he was.

Although we knew Andrew's request was innocent, it is pretty funny how our adult minds can reinterpret things into Mr. Furley-like innuendo confusion.  Just goes to show you how our minds devolve as we get older.  All that we needed to finish up the night was to have a naked Emma go up to Nee-Nee Girl and say, "I want to show you my jugs" (Emma has a jug collection).

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