Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 1474 - Conversations with Emma

Emma is independent and likes to try and do things by herself.  In other words, she is going to be a terror in about eight years.  But for the time being, it is amusing to hear her talk about doing things in the future.  While eating breakfast, I had this talk with her.

"When can I drive a car?" asked Emma.

I wanted to tell her after menopause, but instead I said, "When you're sixteen."

"How long is that?" Emma mumbled as cereal came out of her mouth.

"You're four now, so that will be twelve more years," I answered.

"Is that a long time?" 

"A pretty long time.  But before you know it, you'll be driving Daddy to the race tracks," I said.

"Yay!  What else can I do when I'm sixteen?" Emma continued.

"Well, you will be able to do almost everything that Mommy and Daddy can do."  This thought scared me.  But Emma's response scared me more.

"Oh boy!  So when I'm sixteen I can have a baby!" she shouted with glee.

This time, cereal came out of my mouth...

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