Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 1478 - Right or Thong?

The trick with young kids is that you need to create boundaries, yet give them room to assert themselves at the same time.  For instance, they must eat what is on their dinner plate, but they can request something different to eat the next time.  Or they can only pick one candy from their Halloween stash each day, but they can pick whichever one they want.  Or they must wash their hands after using the bathroom, but a reasonable option is to wipe their hands on Mommy's face towel.
One boundary that was broken last week was our bedroom.  It is perfectly okay for the kids to lie down in our bed and watch television or play with their toys and books on our floor.  But the kids started to go through our drawers which is not okay.  I think it's important for the kids to learn that they need to respect other people's belongings and privacy.  It is also important that they are not exposed to hidden porn and bongs.

What the kids ended up doing is going through Lisa's underwear drawer.  It is a mixture of old, baggy underwear and old, stringy thongs.  Emma and Andrew never saw a thong underwear before and couldn't make heads or tails about it (hint:  it's for you tail.).  It was pretty hilarious seeing them playing with Lisa's underwear so I started to do what any Japanese father would do:  take pictures of them.  

When Lisa saw what the kids were doing, she was not happy at all.  She scolded them for playing with her underwear and told them they should not do that again.  And then Lisa did what any elementary school teacher would do:  she gave the kids some of my underwear to play with.

Although I did not take video, here is a bunch of photos of their fun with our underwear.  But the joke's on them because my underwear was dirty.  Suckers!

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