Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 1405 - Color Me Surprised

While Andrew uses our oval coffee table to recreate the exciting races from the movie Cars, Emma sits at our dining table coloring, painting, and drawing.  Through my life, I've always enjoyed doodling and drawing.  Perhaps Emma is taking after me in this respect.  Better this than my bi-monthly back and thigh waxings.

This is not to say that Andrew has not had any interest in arts and crafts.  He also enjoys all of the same activities that Emma does except he does it with a young boy's attention span...which is to say brief and spastic. 

The key for Emma that has made it easier for her to draw and color is that she learned how to hold a crayon properly.  We never taught her how to do it, but she figured it out on her own.  Repeatedly, we have tried to make Andrew hold his crayon correctly, but Andrew is as Andrew does.  I will give it to Andrew that his finger manipulation in picking his nose is way more advanced than Emma's knuckle rub.

One day when I returned from work, Lisa showed me this drawing that Emma colored of Ariel:

Not too bad, right?  Emma pretty much nailed all of the colors correctly.  She got the red hair, the green fins, the purple boobs.  I'm not too sure why the bubbles are flesh colored unless Ariel is having some scaling problem.  And I don't really want to speculate what that burst of red is underneath her butt.  I'll chalk that one up to a feminine-mermaid hygiene issue.

I guess it's just kind of cool for me to see Emma develop an artistic side because I've always enjoyed drawing.  Drawing was always a great way for me to explore my thoughts and develop a sense of self.  I hope Emma will find the same enjoyment I find in drawing, but if not, that's okay too.  As for Andrew, I know he'll learn how to hold a crayon correctly soon enough, and we'll see interesting pictures from him too.  And if not, he can always have our oval coffee table. 

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