Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 1400 - Curiosity Got My Wallet

There are two words you do not want to hear coming from your baby monitor during your child's nap:  Oh oh.  I can't think of any possible reason you would want to hear those words coming from the mouth of a toddler.  Unless you asked him to spell "Oo" in which case the child is a genius.

When it is time to go to sleep, Emma tends to be the one who falls asleep first.  This does not bode well for Andrew because he has a very active and restless demeanor.  He used to get upset when Emma would fall asleep, but now he has been able to figure out ways to entertain himself.  Sometimes he'll sing a song.  Sometimes he'll tell himself a story.  Or occasionally, he'll get himself into trouble.

During the afternoon nap, Lisa thought the kids were asleep because there was at least ten minutes of silence.  But this ten minutes of silence was due to our mischievous imp literally unraveling his plan.  You see, our upstairs is carpeted with Berber carpet.  Not exactly my first choice, but it was relatively new when we moved in, and I was not about to spend money on new carpeting when it was much more important to purchase a brand new television.

At the end of this ten minute stretch of quiet, Lisa heard the dreaded words, "Oh oh!"  Lisa didn't think too much about it, but this was followed by Andrew saying, "Oh oh!  It came apart!"  Lisa went upstairs, opened the door and saw this:

You can't quite tell in this picture, but Andrew saw a small piece of the carpeting unraveled and began to pull...and pull...and pull.  Pretty soon he got himself a nice mound of carpet fiber that would rival the largest bowl of linguine at your local Buca de Beppo.

When I came home from work and saw Andrew's linear destruction, I explained to Andrew how this was not a good thing because this means Daddy won't be able to buy a Macbook Pro next year.  I just figure one of these years, we'll go ahead and replace all of the carpeting upstairs.  In the meantime, we'll probably head to Ikea or Target to buy a long carpet runner to cover the trench so it won't get worse with time.

You really can't get too angry at a toddler's curiosity, but I do believe it is important for a parent to convey what is good and bad behavior.  The bottom line for me is that if I ever receive stitches on any part of my body, I'm sleeping with the bedroom door locked.

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