Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 1403 - Wii Are Not Alike

At the end of the day if the kids are well-behaved, we let them choose one game to play on the iPad.  There are a bunch of interactive toddler games and books that they can choose from.  Although I do wish someone would come up with toddler apps like The Monster at the End of This Book Will Eat You If You Don't Go to Sleep or Call of Dooty:  Potty Training.

The one problem we have with the kids playing the iPad is that they are impatient to wait their turn.  So I thought I would use one of my Best Buy gift cards and purchase a Cars video game for our Wii so Andrew and Emma could play at the same time.  And not to mention the added bonus of myself having a new game to play!

The kids seemed pretty excited to have a new game to play, but as they continued to race, I noticed that Emma began to lose interest.  Andrew was all about racing and crossing the finish line, but Emma found it more entertaining to crash the car and drive around in circles.  Like mother, like daughter.

Here is a video showing you the difference between Andrew's and Emma's gameplay.

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