Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 1398 - Slow Lane Ahead

At the Kidspace Museum, there is an outside tricycle track where kids can bike along a cement road and learn the rules of the road.  Andrew was very excited to bike on the road by himself.  Unfortunately, the other kids on the road weren't as excited.

You see, our kids aren't very good on bikes yet.  Emma and Andrew each have a scooter and a tricycle, and they both prefer the scooter.  They aren't very proficient at pedaling, but are very good at kicking...as evident by the bruises on my leg and the dents on the drywall.

In this video, you see Andrew trying his damndest to bike as fast as he can.  But if this is as good as he gets on the road, I better outfit him with a flak jacket the first time he gets on the 405.

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