Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 699 - Knee-dling Me

Generally speaking, Japanese aren't very hairy people. The only exceptions I can think of are Mothra, Pikachu, and my neighbor, Totoro. As for myself, I'm not a very hairy person either. I have hair where you're suppose to have hair (i.e. head, eyebrows, and what I like to call my own private Idaho.). But there is one place on my body that's a little hairier than usual: my knees.

I know when you first saw the picture on the right you immediately thought it was Lisa's back, but it's actually my left knee. As you can see, it's pretty hairy compared to the rest of my body. Sadly, when I wear shorts the two comments I receive are: 1) Your knees are hairy. 2) Why are you wearing pantyhose?

The reason I bring this up is because as I was sitting on our sofa, Emma discovered my hairy knees. She was innocently sitting on the floor and pulled herself up by grabbing onto my sculpted legs. When she stood up, her hands were on my knees. As she removed her hands, she began to stare at my knees and said, "...oooh..."

You'd think that would be enough, but you're wrong. Emma started to pull at my knee hairs as if she was playing with one of those Troll heads you put on the end of a pencil. She would try to fluff up my hairs over and over again. And when she became bored with that, Emma started to twist the hairs on my knee. If I knew my knee hairs would be such a great babysitter, I wouldn't have got them trimmed at Fantastic Sam's last week.

I have no idea what fascinated Emma with my knee hairs, but it kept her occupied for a good three to five minutes. I suppose the kids are just going through a phase where everything is a new discovery for them. Whether it is an ice cube melting or my unusually hairy knees, every day the kids are learning new things. And that is why after Emma grew bored of my hairy knees, I decided to pants Lisa so Emma could discover Mama's hairy ass.

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