Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 693 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I asked whether we should take the kids to Disneyland. Sixty-eight percent of you voted we should take Emma and Andrew to the Happiest Place on Earth..for the ridiculously low price of $72 per person. The rest of you thought we should keep the kids home and have them play in what we call the Happiest Place on Earth: their cribs.

I think we will take the kids to Disneyland this week. My expectations are low, and I figure we can always leave early if we have to. I just don't want to be one of those parents you see at theme parks who are having just as a big a meltdown as their crying child. When I see parents yelling at their kids at Disneyland, I want to go up to them and tell them, "If you lay one more hand on your child, I am going to imagine that I'm going to beat you up, but I can't because I know I don't have the strength to fight you and even considering that you're a woman I'm pretty sure you could still beat me up." That'll show them!


Having returned from Northern California, it's funny to hear both sides of the family telling us who the kids look like. Generally, people say Andrew looks like me and Emma looks like Lisa. But sometimes it gets weird because people may say they look like a certain cousin or grandparent or deceased pet.

On my side of the family, Crazy Grandma Ichikawa told me that all of her friends think Emma looks like Lazy Grandpa Ichikawa. Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) told me that all of her friends think Emma looks like her...which really disturbed me in more ways than one. So what do you think? Who does Emma look like? I am giving you five choices to pick from...

A) Lazy Grandpa Ichikawa

B) Purported biological mother, Lisa.

C) Father of daughter despite questions of his virility, Scott.

D) Auntie Anne (pretzel maven)

E) Angry Little Asian Girl

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