Thursday, August 30, 2007

Week 33 - Live and Let Dilate

It is practically a week after our little hospital stay so let me try to summarize what happened during the dates of August 24th-26th...

August 24th
It was a normal morning with Lisa going through her normal morning grunts. We had a 9am doctor's appointment so we were out of the door by 8am to make sure we didn't hit too much traffic. After Lisa crawled through the trunk door of our SUV (she's much too big to enter through the passenger door) we were off to Santa Monica.

Upon arriving at the doctor's office, we had to wait almost 20 minutes. Usually the wait is very minimal, but at least I was able to question why there was a man in the waiting room all by himself. Perhaps he was a husband waiting for his wife, but no, the nurse calls him into the office for his appointment. How could this be? Maybe the movie Rabbit Test was truly ahead of its time? Or he used to be a she who now is pregnant? The possibilities are limitless!!!

Eventually we saw the doctor and started going through the normal routine: gel the probe, stick probe up Lisa's pita pocket, remove probe. But this time the doc looked concerned. She wanted Lisa to be monitored at the hospital for an hour to make sure everything was okay. The main concern was that her cervix thinned a bit more, so she wanted to confirm whether Lisa was having contractions.

We take the quick LA drive 1/2 a block east of the doctor's office and are quickly admitted into a Labor & Delivery room. Walking down the hallway, I heard screams coming from a room. Lisa & I looked at each other thinking the same thing: Haha! We're having a c-section, you vagina pushing sucker!

Lisa changed into a lovely large gown that made her belly look like the seat of an old worn out armchair. The nursing staff came in and hooked up three pads that were going to monitor each of the kid's heart beats and any contractions.

"This will only take an hour. Don't you worry, hon!" said the nurse.

And that one hour turned into a tiring 3 day hospital stay....


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