Monday, August 6, 2007

Week 30 -- Baby Showerbration

This past Saturday our friends, Paul & Michelle, threw us our last baby shower. It is our last shower in two ways: Our last baby shower before our twins are born, and our last baby shower for the rest of our lives. more babies. As I am typing this, Lisa is watching this TLC show about this mom who had three sets of twins. If you can only see Lisa's horrified face right now. Imagine the mask from the movie Scream and think Japanese girl.

We had a nice turnout of about 30 of our "friends" (I use the term loosely because we had to pay some of them to come. You know who you are. Shame on you. But bravo to your business savvy!). There was plenty of food, prizes, and everyone had a nice time. We even had some impromptu entertainment from my friend, Brian, who showed off his jump roping skills. If you'd like to see him in action, click here: JUMP ROPE FIEND. Or if you'd like to see what it would be like if my parents starred in a Broadway musical, click here: BROADWAY BABIES.

Since we didn't really want to do too many games, we kept the activities light and easy. If you brought a pack of diapers, you were entered into a raffle drawing. Sadly, the number of diapers we received will probably last us a month (We estimate that we will go through around 600 diapers per month...crap.). More sadly, one of Lisa's friends brought a pack of Depends. Even more sadly, Lisa says she will use them.

There was also an area where you could design little onesies with fabric markers and stencils. A couple of them had witticisms such as: Mama Say, Mama Saw, Mama Kusa; I Want An iPhone; I've Got A Heart On; Wonder Twin Powers Activate; and I Brake For Hello Kitty. My favorite was: Scott, You Musical Loving Tap Dancing Metrosexual, How The Hell Could You Ever Get Any Woman Pregnant With Your Vienna Sausage Manhood. I never knew Mrs. Ichinaga was so funny!

And the last activity was a bingo-type game. Before we opened our gifts, each guest would fill in the blank spaces on the bingo card with items they thought we would receive as gifts. So as we opened each present, each guest would play along and mark their squares. Although I was very close to winning, the one square I needed was the 50" LCD television. Thanks everyone...for nothing.

So once again big thanks to Paul & Michelle for letting us rampage through their home for our humble little celebration. But if there is one thing that I will remember about this baby shower, it would be this moment:What can I say...I'm gay for Jews.

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